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Thursday, November 28, 2013


   Eagles are rarely seen in South Florida but one popped up in the Grove last Saturday.   Timothy Schmit, the Eagles' bassist, was in town for a concert at the Arena.He called his old friend  (musician/neighbor) Bobby Ingram and asked if he could hang out.  

   Bobby picked him up and brought him over to Palmetto Avenue for a visit.  Later, they had lunch at Greenstreets then Bobby took him back for the show.   Bobby and daughter, Bryn, attended and reported that the country rockers sound as good as ever.  
   Bryn later laughed and said, "I first met Tim when I was a little girl.  I walked into the living room and he was sleeping on the floor."
    The Eagles know the Grove and Bobby well.  They used to hang out together in the late 70's.  The supergroup recorded some of their best music at the Bayshore Recording Studio across from Dinner Key.

                     NOT CHEAP BUT DELICIOUS

    Last week we had dinner with a group of friends.  It ended with a delicious peach tart.  I asked, Who made this?" and a neighbor replied, "I bought it at our new Trader Joe's and it cost $25 a slice". 
  She explained a problem that we are well aware of,  TJ's lot was full so she parked next door at Burger King.  When she emerged with her $12 tart her car had been towed, hence, the higher price.

Reporting from the Mango Republic, 
 The Grove Guy,  Glenn

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