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Thursday, September 5, 2013


    I drive past South Miami five days a week.  Lately, I have seen a homeless man making sculptures under the concrete spans of Metrorail.  

   Today I stopped and introduced myself as a fellow artist. 
Found objects on auto bumper

    The man's name is "Sam". He quickly told me he had no place to go and, "I ain't a bother to nobody".  

   He has enjoyed his two weeks living next to South Dixie Highway adding, "It feels safe".

      He gave me permission to photograph him and his work.  This is Sam's collection,

 Box of found objects
 Sam's rolling rig
 The hat he just made

 As I wound up my visit a train rumbled overhead filled with commuters hurrying home. Sam shut his eyes and relaxed. He was already there.

 (They day after I wrote this Sam and his art collection were gone)


    It's strange how crime can come in waves.
Breaking into Grove houses is very popular lately.  A neighbor got hit last week.   
250 people showed up at City Hall tonight to voice their concerns.

    The Chief of Police said we'll be getting more cops on patrol soon.  They are also be putting four "tag counters", next to major roads.  They will record every license plate passing by.  He didn't say anything about recording thieves on foot or bicycles.
    In mean time, The chief asked us to, "Keep an eye on each other". 


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