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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


     It was like being on a huge houseboat stuck in mud.  It'd been that way fifty years. 
     Stiltsville is like that, a gaggle of stranded boxy boats. Hurricanes take them away but there are still seven of these houses, built on pilings, in the middle of Biscayne Bay.

   A friend owns part of one. Last weekend he took a bunch of us out for a swim, pot-luck dinner, and a spectacular sunset.
   Leaving the Grove we saw this incredible storm over Turkey Point.  Witness Francesca's fantastic photograph...


     The weather was perfect where we were headed.
Celebrating those who toil (people like us) we slowly approached the cottage on stilts.
After tying up we stepped out of the boat and on to the guano. 
Birds spend a lot more time here than people. 

The set-up procedure is simple, you climb the stairs, open doors and windows, then haul out the furniture.

    Now you're ready to lay out the food, drinks, and take in   views from every direction.

       Gina has a habit of bringing rockets to parties and this one was no different.
   After an exciting countdown "Rascal" blasted off into the southern breeze. 


As it neared the moon its parachute popped out.  The chief aiming officer (me) was off a bit. Rascal descended off to the east.        When it finally splashed down our jubilant rocketeer jumped in to retrieve it. 


She looked so happy the rest of us jumped in too.

The Grove Guy steps into the void

   As the sun set we searched for the rare flash of green.  We didn't see but who cared?

There was plenty of sky to keep us happy.

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  1. beautiful read. Great pictures too. Like a movie.