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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


       Miami has huge problems. Consider the eternal budget deficits and distrust of our leaders  (three mayors led away in handcuffs just last month).  

   Why don't we add a bit of wit to the mess?  Let's make the Grove's city hall The Miami Museum of Political Corruption.

       It would tell tourists about our history while making money for this cash-starved town.  The MMPC would also show the world that we have a sense of humor.

       The idea isn't original. I read in the August 26th New Yorker, that they're working to create one in Albany, New York's capitol. 
   Their Hall of Shame will be filled with the likes of Boss Tweed, Anthony Weiner, and Eliot Spitzer.  The gift shop will sell  figurines in suits with signs that say, "I bought this legislator in Albany, New York".
     Our museum gift shop could sell similar action figures along with  Sergio Pereira hot suits, prison suits, hand cuffs, and Joe Corollo tea.  T-shirts could suggest, "Down with the Mayor, Up with a King Mango!"
         Miami is perfect place to extend the Albany idea.  The obvious location is our existing city hall.  Originally a seaplane base, it outgrew itself thirty years ago.  
    You probably know that 98% of  Miami's municipal employees are housed in the city's tower on the river downtown.  Only the mayor and the city commissioners have their offices here.  It is because the Grove locale has easier parking and better views.   No corporation (or any other city) would house its leaders five miles from everyone else.
    Move these guys downtown. It is time to make better use of Coconut Grove's art deco gem.  Let's transform it into a major Flori-duh attraction, let's turn it into The Miami Museum of Political Corruption.
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I usually write something 'bout once a week.
Lately though, the City of Miami has gone into overdrive in its efforts to destroy the things we love about Coconut Grove.  Hence,  I'll be writing more until the important November election.
      Tom Falco is doing a great job of getting the word out in The CG Grapevine ( He writes something everyday. Check it out if you haven't.  
    The next entry was submitted by Grove journalist, Dave Villano...


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  2. Thanks Isabella, It's sad that we can't depend on newspapers to let us know what's going on in our community anymore. Only 5% of the people here read The Miami Herald and with their slim staff, they can't write about much or give us "the complete picture". Please do what you can to keep "Bayside" out of Coconut Grove. Help spread the word. G

  3. My friend, Seth L., doesn't think City Hall is a good option for The Miami Museum of Political Corruption. "Too small", he wrote.

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