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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Photo: This Sunday...from noon-5! Share this poster with all your friends so they can join the Gifford Lane Art Stroll fun!The Gifford Lane Art Stroll is one of Coconut Grove's great events.  It is the antithesis of the mega-monster art festival that we had here last month. 
 This one's small, charming, and free.
Come to Gifford Lane tomorrow between noon and five.  
It is is two blocks north of the Grove post office and one block east of SW 32 Ave.  I'll be selling my fish and benches (they're made from recycled greenheart, a wood so heavy it sinks).  
My booth is the first one on the south end, across from the tennis courts.  We'll have extra chairs so you can relax and enjoy the show with us.

 For more information go to .

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  1. Good luck today. Wish we could stop by but we aren't about. Would love to see the fish.