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Thursday, March 7, 2013


   Thirty-five years ago I got George Carlin's California address and went to his house.  I had just written a screenplay, "The Bionic Hippy", and wanted him to star in the movie.  
   He said, "No".
    That's the closest I've come to having one of my major theatrical creations produced...until now.

This Friday night culture comes to KendallThat's when the curtain rises at the Winston Park K-8's Patio Theater.  We will have the  premiere of my play, "Snow White and the Seven Robots". 
    For forty-five minutes my young students will perform a twisted  version of the 800-year-old folk tale.  It will have dance, singing, and guest appearances by both Wonder Woman and King Mango.       
    We may perform "The Bionic Hippy" next year.

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