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Saturday, March 30, 2013



     I yelled, "Hello!" to our new neighbor through the backyard fence.  She and her husband had just bought the long-empty McMansion behind us.  The young woman, standing by her pool thirty-feet way, said hello as well. 
    She  added that she dare not come closer because there were so many lizards in the grass.  In Coconut Grove they are as common as snowflakes in Alaska.
    After some small talk she asked if I could recommend a burglar alarm company.  I told her, "No", our security was provided by our dog, Pi.  
    When she asked for my yardman I told her it was me.   
   Her final question, "Are you happy with your pool man?"  I had to confess, unlike the four houses surrounding us, we had no pool man or a pool. 
    She failed to ask for our fumigator (who is Francesca).  Apparently our new neighbor has yet to meet our abundant cockroach population.

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