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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


1,786 people rode in last Friday's Critical Mass bike ride in downtown Miami (every month someone makes a video of us passing by then they count the heads).  
Mine had an orange fish on it.   Francesca and I are members of Team Fish and the Dutch Tourist Council, who sponsored the event, have this thing for the color orange.  

The ride was great fun as was the party afterwards.  It featured a rolling bar pedaled by the dozen people seated around it.  
On the way there I spotted a familiar face about to cross South Dixie Highway.  I look straight at him and said, "You stole my bike".  I had said the same thing to him six months ago but this time he wasn't sitting on it.
    He looked admiringly at the bicycle that had been his for two days then asked for money.   I try to be positive about most things. Maybe it was good that he was asking instead of taking.

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