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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


He did more than invent the airplane with his brother, Wilber.  

Orville Wright played this mandolin "to get back at a neighbor for his piano playing". 

These were among the discoveries we made in our nation's capitol last weekend. 
Ford's Theater?  Many people wanted to burn it after Booth killed our president there.  A hundred years had to pass before it was turned into a theater again.  
Do you think they'll do that to  the Texas Book Depository in 2063?

We borrowed bikes to see the sights.  According to the Vietnam Memorial, Jesse C. Alba was the last American killed in that unfortunate war.

Fooling around with Meagan in Eastern Market 

She lives with our son, Ruy, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood,

 The new statue of Dr. King stands tall, staring across a lake toward the Jefferson Memorial.  

On our way north, passing  through the security at MIA, we noticed a very tall clown getting x-rayed behind us.  It apparently revealed nothing dangerous in his billowing pink pajama bottoms.  A moment later we were putting on our shoes and I told him, "You looked great!"  He replied, "I'm a doctor and I can wear what I want.  Looking down at his orange iridescent shoes he added, "This makes people happy". 
We later learned it was Patch Adams on his latest adventure.

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