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Monday, April 30, 2012


       Some answers come easy like when our Sierra Club friends asked,  "Will you come downtown  dressed in bear costumes?" 
     You can do anything in a mask and the polar bear demonstration would help draw attention to the bears' diminishing arctic habitat. 
      Less ice, less bears. and Shell Oil isn't making things better with their proposal to drill in Alaskan waters.
   So there we were at noon  Saturday with boom box blastin'.  We did our best Bear Bugaloo  next to the main library's outdoor event, "An Afternoon of Story-Telling" . 
These two super heroes joined our dancing dozen just before the heat showed up. 

   A large police officer let us know that we had no permit to protest in a public place.   We said, "We're telling a story like everyone else!" but he was not amused.
     Noticing that he packed a taser, mace, and a Glock, 
we melted away. 

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