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Sunday, April 1, 2012


The Last Friday Critical Mass Ride is getting to be a habit. Two days ago we joined 1200 other bikers for a twelve-mile ride to Coral Gables and back. We were with Team Fish, hard to miss as our leader (Gina) was riding a dolphin.

As we gathered at Government Center one group of short-sleeved white shirts caught our eye. "Aren't those Mormons?" asked Francesca. They had the shirts, bikes, and backpacks. The three young men even wore black Mormon name tags. I looked them over a bit and told my wife they must be fake, "Too much hair".
Later I learned these guys
were architects from the Grove's Architectonica design firm. As we passed through Little Havana I pedaled up to "Elder Moses" and complimented him on his costume. He told me that being an elder for the evening was great fun and invited me to join them on next month's ride.

I just might. You get blown around a lot when you wear a fish on your head.
Before I pedaled off I asked Elder Moses if I could take his picture. He replied, "Sure. With or without the beer?". When asked him to go for it he whipped one out of his backpack.
Such party animals, those Mormons. That's why my wife and I will be voting for one in November.
Ha ha ha. April fool!


We had reservations to fly back from San Francisco on Friday night two weeks ago. We got to the airport at 11 PM for our just past midnight flight.
When ticket agent told us our flight had already left I asked incredulously, "Did it leave early?". He replied, "No, your flight
left at 12:15 AM, 23 hours ago".
He told us the only way we could get home was to buy one-way tickets to Miami via New York. We did. The high point of this 17-hour journey was witnessing a beer waterfall in a Kennedy airport restaurant.
Later we told a dozen friends about our ordeal. Three said the same thing had happened to them. Another had gone to an airport last February and was told, "Yes, you have a ticket this day but it is for this day next year". She bought another ticket too.
Don't be fooled on April 1st or any other day. To the airlines, anything past midnight is a new day.

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