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Sunday, December 11, 2011


After King Mango led his procession around the barren field they headed up NW 2 Avenue sidewalk.

(Left) Emmett attempts to sell a mattress
(Right) A member of "The Angry One Percent"

A block later a City of Miami police officers stopped their progress. She told his highness, "Your permit does not allow you to parade on this sidewalk". The officer relented when,
1) King Mango agreed to take off his mask
so he looked less parade-like and,
2) It was explained to her that the parade was over and participants were only walking to their
post- parade party at Wynwood Walls.
(Right) Queen Regina

(above) The King with his dead friends.

Some party it was. We rocked to the Gold Dust Lounge,

pioneers of surf/space music.

Mangoheads laughed, surrounded by fantastic art and their costumed friends.
Everyone agreed that the Original King Mango Strut, now in Wynwood, was great fun and a big success.

We were fortunate to have the world's seven billionth person born in Miami. Pedro and his family proudly marched in the parade then
partied with us at the Walls. Here they are
in front of a Sheppard Fairey mural.

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