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Monday, December 26, 2011


We have our Oscars and Germany, its "Bambi Awards".
Every year folks gather in Wiesbaden to see who will be honored with a golden child of the forest.
They gave out a bunch last week. Lady Gaga got hers for music and our friend, Ric O'Barry, received his for outstanding environmental activism.
We saw Ric in the 'hood last night and he agreed to show us his trophy fawn. It came in a beautiful leather case and had the heft of a small watermelon.
You may know that Ric's movie, "The Cove", won an Oscar last year for "best documentary". He has been working tirelessly for forty years to free the captured dolphins of the world. In The Cove we saw how Japanese fishermen capture migrating dolphins.
The young healthy ones are sold world-wide for exhibition. When the the rest are slaughtered for food, the Japanese cove depicted
in the movie turns blood red.
Ten days ago, Ric was able to get the Empire State Building bathed in red light to draw attention to the cause. That, said Ric, was not so hard as the building's owner is a Deadhead. He is now trying to get the Eiffel Tower do do the same thing.
Here's to you, Ric, for your hard work and well-deserved award.


We hope you are enjoying your holidays. We had the boys over for Christmas. They've been good so Santa brought them road bikes.
On a warm winter's day Dylan tried his hand at turkey slicing and Francesca prepared a
wonderful meal.

Happy Boxing Day.

We wish you the best in the coming year.

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