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Friday, July 15, 2011


Heading west of Buffalo, Wyoming, we noticed a town 30 miles south called “Thermopolis”. The map says it has hot springs and we haven’t showered for days. We arrive to find warm, liquid luxury that many of

us dream of.

The town has Wyoming’s only public bath house and it’s 104 degree pools are fed by natural springs. You go in, take shower, and step into steaming mineral water that caresses your skin and soul.

It really is an “Ahhhh" moment.

Have I mentioned that the bath house is free? It’s been that way since 1904.

The attendant smiled, offered us towels, and invited us to luxuriate

in the healing mineral waters in the indoor or outdoor pools. There are rules. You’ve got to shower first and soaks are limited to 20 minutes.

The water, with a slight sulfurous smell, actually comes out of the ground at 128 degrees. It is mixed with cool mountain

spring water to bring it down to a perfect hot tub temperature.

After days on the road, sinking into that warm water felt like eating ice cream on a blistering hot day. The only other person in the pool was a Russian named Nina. She was the only person from her tour bus willing to “take in the waters”. The Siberian native swore they could cure everything from colds to cancer.

As she left for her bus Nina warned us not to shower for a long time adding,

“ Let the minerals sink into your skin”.

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