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Friday, July 22, 2011


One of the great things about camping is meeting people doing the same thing. In Glacier National Park we met Mael Fabiani. The young Frenchman is touring America on the cheap, riding a Chinese scooter.

“It’s not very fast”, he told us adding, “35 m.p.h. tops. Maybe 5 or 10 on a steep hill.

Every night Mael beds down

in a small tent, or, goes couch surfing. That’s an internet group in which member agree to be each other’s house guests.
If your want to check Mael’s progress as he heads for Alaska go to .
Maybe you’d like him to surf on your couch. We told him he could sleep on ours anytime.

Late in the day a couple rode up to the campsite next to us on bicycles. After introductions the man explained that he and his eleven-year-old daughter were on a 400-mile bike

tour. They set up camp and peddled out the next morning.

As they were leaving I asked if I could take their picture as we

passed them in the next hour. He said, “Sure, but please don’t honk like the others. Riding uphill is hard enough”.

As we both were heading for Logan Pass we waved, smiled, and

took this picture.

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