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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Every year thirty of us gather by the sea. Last Friday we set up tents, gathered wood, and hiked a short distance to see the sun set on the bay. After that we shared food, wine and stories.

The bonfire is always the big attraction, mesmerizing as it has for countless generations.

Conversation was so plentiful no one had time to text.

We saw the sun rise the next morning. Here it is peeking over the sail of a beached man o'war.

Back at camp I took this photo of what one friend called "our dead soldiers". Each served valiantly the night before.

And today it is Easter. After church we joined a different group of friends.

They gather every year for for their annual egg hunt and brunch. At the "count of 3" the young ones took off in search of eggs.

The rest of us searched a table filled with delicious food.

Both of these neighborhood traditions have gone on for 25 years and our lives are richer for it. Happy Easter.

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