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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The cottage sits on a rise a half-block up from the bay. Unlike many of its neighbors in this older part of Tampa, its outer clothing is fairly plain.

All that changes once you step inside Cheryl's Davidson's house.

Our friend has spent over two decades transforming her humble abode into a haven of outside art.

WIth its polished pine floors and multi-colored walls, the interior has become a work of art in itself.

Francesca and I slept on sheets that were so bright and beautiful (mango and fucia) I didn't want to turn out the lights. The windows' French glass turned everything outside into dazzling works of impressionistic art.

Many of the walls were painted in the subtle sunset hues one might see in a 30's hand-colored photograph. Others reached out with glowing arms and said, "Come join the party!"

Beautiful art was everywhere. The bold colors flowed outside into Cheryl's garden where angels of the Order of the Broken Feet held vigil.

Before we could take it all in, it was time to continue our journey.

We shared goodbyes with Cheryl, her three dogs, the angels and the little guy in the pink hat.

If you ever visit, he's the one who pedels madly everytime you reached for his paper.

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