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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Grandmothers don't lie. Today they helped me recover the second bike ("Big Blue") stolen from our house last weekend. Now we'll keep both bikes inside, locked up, possibly too bound in chain to ever move again. Sunday, a grandmother gave me a hot tip. It led to this afternoon's confrontation with two young suspects. They told me nothing until their grandma stepped outside. Their stories then changed; they admitted taking our bikes. The boys even went on to tell me more than I wanted to hear, like how I should be grateful for their sloppy 2-minute paint job that turned Big Blue black. They also told me it looked much better without the lights, lock, and bike rack that they had thrown away. Geez. But what the heck, I actually had both bikes back. As Grandma and the boys looked on I stuffed Big Black into my car. Driving home I had the heady feeling that PeeWee should have been so lucky.

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  1. Yeehaw! I love happy endings. Even if they are somewhat tainted, or is that painted!
    Happy for you.