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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Our friend, Kit Pancoast, grew up in the Grove but now resides in Tokyo, Japan. She was heading to work yesterday morning when the earthquake hit. She wrote,

"I was late to work, so I grabbed a cab. At a stoplight, the cab started flippin' back and forth. I asked the cabbie why he was dancing about, and he said he thought it was me having a fit in the back! We started to laugh but then the highway overhead started--kid you not--groaning and swaying, and light posts swung back and forth, wires clacking. From the police station next to my company cops streaked out like their suspenders were on fire, and people got down on all fours."

Kit went on to report that everyone in her family is okay. The big problems, she said, are to the north.

Maybe we're lucky to have only hurricanes.

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