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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Heading for a sunset swim yesterday, we found the beach's parking lot packed with people. "It's the moon," a man told us, "The paper said it's gonna be huge!" We found our friend, Mike McFall, who added, "I was here four hours ago and the big moon had drawn the tide so far out to sea you could almost walk to China!".

Forget about swimming. We joined the hundreds gathered to see the largest moonrise since 1993. Mike said it had something to do with the expansion and contraction of lunar cheese.

When the moon began to rise at 7:44 it looked dark red and ....'bout the same.
Still, every moonrise is spectacular, especially when you are surrounded by hundreds of excited people. Most of them had to set down their wine glasses before they could applaud the rising orb.
I was expecting this, ____O_____ , but it seemed more like.... _._
What the heck, we had fun. Some clever person later said, "Maybe it was a little bigger but its like comparing a fourteen-inch and a fifteen-inch pizza.

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