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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So much has happened lately.

A few weeks ago I was run down by the shadow of a very large jet. It happened fast as it hurtled towards Nassau.

(the photo at right is a re-creation)

A few days later I was exiting a hospital parking lot. For some reason I glanced down at the odometer to see the right digit turning to 50,000 miles. I was wishing I had someone to share the rare moment with.

The next weekend my wife and I went camping in Everglades National Park. The park's Anhinga Trail is one of our favorite stops. Its boardwalk crosses ponds filled with exotic birds and large, black reptiles. The parking lot is clearly marked with "Danger: Alligators, No Pets Allowed" signs. Despite this, we learned a man had taken his dog for a walk there the day before we visited.
With so many camera toting tourists, the "Alligator Has Dog for Lunch" video will probab
ly turn up on YouTube soon.

Last week were invited to our friend's (Theo's) birthday at Stiltsville. This house is one of several perched in the middle of Biscayne Bay.

Half of it's walls disappear when you open the doors and shutters. As a breeze blew through we watched a magnificent sunset.

We agreed it was better than the one at Mallory Square. There were no circus cats or escape artists to distract us.

Last week's Coconut Grove Art Festival was more crowded than a Key West sunset. So many people packed the place that Francesca and I could not see the art. We had to settle for the Johnny Rockets line-dancers and kids bobbing around in large plastic balls.

It made us think, "Wouldn't it be great to have a little Grove art festival, one for Grove artists without the Tokyo subway crush?"

Well, that's just what this weekend's
Gifford Lane Art Stroll will be.

On Sunday, March 6, you can enjoy local artisans selling their wares from noon until 5 pm. The mini-fest also has food and live music. Our friends, The Solar Dogs, play at 3:30. Unlike last week's subway crush, it is non-commercial and there is no admission charge . Unfortunately there will probably not be any children scrambling inside large plastic balls.

The Stroll is one tree-lined block long. It is located just east of SW 37 Avenue and two blocks north of Grand Avenue (downtown Grove). Signs will point the way.
Come visit Francesca and me. Check out our hand-made hula hoops, didjeridoos, and other odd creations. We'll be camping next to our old VW bus.

We hope to see you. The Gifford Lane Art Stroll will be a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon.

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