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Saturday, February 2, 2019


      Years ago I wrote articles and drew cartoons for Coconut Grove's newspapers.  In 2005 I got a call from The Miami Herald. They wanted me to do they same for them and for five years, my "Grove Guy" column (and illustrative cartoons) appeared in their "Neighbors" section.

       Cleaning out old files last week I found my original drawings.  Each relates to a subject I was
writing about that week.  
    Here are a few examples,

 Our Grove convention center was having an anniversary and I suggested that we put up a historical marker to remind folks of The Doors infamous concert there.

From an article about the dangers of walking in Coconut Grove.    

From a rant about how our schools stopped teaching cursive writing. This conversation actually happened between me and my son, Ian, twelve years ago.

The one below went with a story about how we got our dog, Pi.  We had gone to Petsmart intending to buy a fish and ended up adopting a small, brown, puppy.

   Our neighborhood hero, Bob, had a habit of picking up random dog poop. I suppose one word was changed before this one hit the news stands.

I found it hilarious that an astronaut had let his tool bag drift off beyond reach.  If I had been a rocket man, it seemed like something I might have done. 



A developer asked the City to allow him to build two McMansions on a lot designed for one. My neighbors and I fought it and lost. Now behold the 13-foot "Twiggy House" that stands at the corner of Loquat and Douglas.

This one refers to the family feud we had within the King Mango Strut organization back in 2009.  I lost that one also and haven't gone since. 

We have a lot of these
magnificent birds in the Grove...


Our French neighbor was always
talking about her own way of reducing the peacock population.

Sometimes I lead historic tours in Coconut Grove and sometimes I embellish my spiel a bit. 
And finally,

Miami receives many accolades. Nine years ago they started a list of which cities had the most obese people and guess who won?

Cartooning is great fun and even better when you get paid for it. I appreciate The Herald for giving me the opportunity draw out a few laughs.


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