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Sunday, May 6, 2018


        When the sermon ended the art show began at Plymouth Church today. Thirty  artists, young and old, displayed their wooden bowls, 
paintings, and cupcakes to the congregation.

    The North Grove's Uta was there with her assemblage of the unusual.

Wine cork necklace

 Uta's Matchbox Art

I hocked a few fish, snake plants, and painted coconuts.

    Outside antique cars were lazin' in the sun. I was crazy 'bout this 1950 Willys Jeepster.    Unfortunately, my dad had the boring hardtop model. Once our family climbed in after a movie and it would not start. When my father mentioned that the key slot felt funny, we realized we were in a stranger's car.
1939 LaSalle

    After an hour we packed up and went home.  Much of the money made selling Little Shop of Horrors cupcakes
-and everything else- went to support the church's youth summer program.

PS:  In you're looking for painted chicken bones, Uta's the one.

Until the next'n,

Yes, I look a little wacky here but posing with a painted chicken bone can bring out the silly in you.

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