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Saturday, May 19, 2018


     With yesterday's shoot-out at Miami's Trump resort and the latest school massacre in Texas, we needed some quick,temporary relief.
Why not blank out at a Jimi Hendix concert?  How much can you mourn with Purple Haze pounding in your ears? 

    Of course, with Jimi being dead, we did the next best thing, we went to hear his little brother's band replicate those soothing, psychedelic sounds.

  Dylan & Leon

    Leon Hendrix was at HistoryMiami to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Miami Pop, the pre-Woodstock festival I attended long ago. I went there the day it rained even though tickets were expensive, six bucks.  

    Still, I had a good time hearing John Lee Hooker, Canned Heat and Jose Feliciano. I recall walking  around Duane Hanson's sculptures of dead soldiers and motor cyclists and thinking I lucky I was to be standing in Miami rain.

    But last night the weather was perfect as we celebrated the past and the liberating 60's. 
Many wore tie-dye.
   Our history museum's "Miami Rocks" exhibit, which includes photography and memorabilia from the 1968 event, will be up through September.

   As an added treat, to get to it you walk past the history of Miami's parades which features none other than Coconut Grove's own version of Jimi Hendrix, King Mango.

         After the concert Leon met with his new fans. To the left is King Mango's best friend.

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