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Friday, December 1, 2017


         Jerry Wright would have turned 33 on Thanksgiving Day.  Unfortunately the Pinecrest native's life was cut short -along with 48 others- in Orlando's 2015 Pulse Nightclub tragedy. His parents, Maria and Fred Wright, met with a group of us last night. They told us about their son and their thoughts on gun control. 

    As mass-shootings like this play out again and again we become uncomfortably numb and wonder, "How can this be?".
     Our country has become a shoot-a-thon because we are led by spine-less politicians who love power and money more than the people they serve. The NRA has them in a death-grip that not even the sight of slaughtered children can't release.

     Last night people who care about the gun problem met in Coral Gables to ask, "What can we do?".  Political scientist, Matt Childers, led things off explaining why it is so difficult to change gun laws in our country.  He said there is hope if we can break past the "Don't take my guns" barrier and have meaningful gun safety dialogue with the other side.
     Maria and Fred Wright then took the stage bringing tears to our eyes as they described their loving son, Jerry. His death has put them on a road they ever expected, being national advocates for sensible gun laws.  
     They have become experts in the process and with Matt, handled the audiences many questions easily.
    The Wrights and the group they represent, Everytown For Gun Safety, gave us an opportunity to do something immediately, to protest the "Concealed Carry Reciprocity" proposal currently pending in Congress. This scary law will take away state's rights to control who is allowed to carry firearms.  The NRA, of course, is pushing it so we can "carry" like cowboys and regress 150 years.  "CCR" will also enrich gun manufacturers  as citizens suffer the consequences.

    All of us signed letters that were delivered to our U.S. congressional representatives' offices today. Let's hope they help.  Let's also hope the latest NRA effort fails along with all of their other foolish proposals to come.

You can help too.  Call your congressional representative today (probably Curbello or Ros-Lehtinen) by dialing the Congressional Switchboard number:  (202) 224-3121.
     Tell your representative that you oppose the CCR  (the Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill).  It's that easy to speak up for sane gun laws.

    This country is reeling in a sea of  paranoia, hate, and lies spewed by our crazier-than-thou President. Last night, we were able to connect with one of our many problems, to understand it better, and to do something about it.

    Before I left I thanked the Wrights for joining us.  Fred tucked something in my pocket saying, "This is for you". When I got home I pulled out this photo of his handsome son, the one who called his parents most evenings to tell them "good night". It looks like he's walking though a riverbed out west.

    If this were a better county, Jerry would still be standing by the river.

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