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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


     Need to perk up your home? Got a hole in the living room wall?  Maybe you need a King Mango banner!
      For three decades I painted these signs for the Grove's King Mango Strut parade. They were the ones leading the groups as they marched.
Most were painted quickly on colored paper.  They only had to last an hour.
      I was cleaning out my attic yesterday and found a few. I asked my son-in-law, "What do I do with these?".  
     Carlos suggested that I sell them.  I then recalled a time when I was younger, renting funky old houses with wall space to spare.  I thought,
"Yeah, maybe someone wants these".
    So here they are, five original King Mango banners offered for sale at prices less than the cost of the paper and paint it took to make them.
   The one below led our Marching Oil Slick twelve years ago.  We've had about three slicks since the Strut started in 1982.  Every time  BP or its friends dumped millions of crude we follow up with some slick, Strut humor.
Paint on paper reminiscent of water, 30" x 70", $6.

Eight years ago we had a King Mango parade in South Miami.  This'n led our effort, $8.

   A big part of every Strut is the Little Miss Mango procession.  Usually a dozen or two young girls vie for the crown.  After the judges convene, and decide, all girls tie for first place. Every one gets a tiara and sash. Each has her dream come true, becoming Little Miss Mango. 
Pink paper, gold glitter,   $7
    A school from West Kendall had a rockin' rhythm band in one of our parades.  $3.

    Unfortunately the Strut has changed and I no longer attend. We used to have unique grand marshals like Austin Burke, Janet Reno, and in 2008, an exceptional white chicken, "Mr. Clucky". He became famous for riding around South Beach in his owner's bicycle basket. 

Eileen and Bob Brennan gave me a Mr. Clucky mug for Christmas nine years ago.
   This redhead was such a Strut celebrity we had a  funeral for him in the parade after he died two years later. This was the banner honoring our dear friend back then.  There will never be a rooster like Mr. Clucky so this one is going for serious money, $12.

    If you'd like to purchase a banner, I will be happy to deliver it to my front gate, rolled and wrapped with a 100% cotton string.

      I'm holding on to a few others. The one below will be displayed at Miami's historical museum in their "Street Miami" exhibit beginning in February, 2018.  The mask will be there too.


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