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Sunday, November 19, 2017


     SORRY FPL, we have solar panels on our roof now. 


Our monthly bill from Big Power will be dropping to  $9 next month.

It took our friends at Cutler Bay Solar Solutions three days to install our system.  We purchased it through a co-op which saved us 10% (Solar United Neighbors co-op.. Joining the co-op is easy and free )

    It is guaranteed for ten years, built in the USA, and will withstand a cat five hurricane (winds up to 159 m.p.h.).

Two years ago we added a small solar hot water system to our rooftop.  The two panels heat the water and little blue one provides the electricity to run the water pump.

If we ever get a Tesla (it is on my Christmas list) we can power that with our new solar panels too!

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  1. Good for you. In this day and age it ought to be mandatory that ALL new homes be built with solar panels but there is one thing in the way, greed