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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


   We had a Halloween party in our new neighborhood park yesterday. Over 80 kids and their parents, along with "kids at heart",

dunked for apples,


played Wrap A Mummy,

 Monster Mouth Toss, 

carved pumpkins,


and explored Charlie's Haunted Woods.

Music was provided by DJ Death,

and Hillary made a brief stop on her book tour.

The former presidential candidate with her body guard, DJ Kool
     Davey manned the grill for our pot-luck dinner and when it got dark we paraded over to Irvington Avenue.                                    There we ate 

at Janice and Alyn's Road Kill Cafe 

and watched Julia and her daughter enact the dinner scene from "Eraserhead".  It was a glorious Halloween and I hope yours went well too.

    It's November now and they say there may be a big dinner coming up. Let's hope it is more appetizing then the ones Julia and the "Road Kill" put out last night. 

 Oh yeah, Blue the dog came as a peacock

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