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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


  IN MY TRAVELS I come across interesting signs.  I usually don't have places for these photographs in my blog so I thought I'd just create this Sign Show, sharing a few from the last year.

    Indian restaurant, Austin, TX.  The six Terry tots were told to join "The Clean Plate Club" at the end of every meal. I've cleaned mine ever since.  When no one is looking I sometimes lick it too. It tastes great and makes dish washing unnecessary.

I've always complied with these "Eat" signs as well though I really don't have to be told.  Ruby's Barbecue, Austin ,TX

Camp Topaz, Utah. This was one of many flyers put up in California in 1943 telling folks they had to "relocate" to the Utah desert. It was about 109 degrees when we passed through.

Western stop sign, Moab, Utah

 Warning Sign, public pool east of Denver.  The only contests I could win as a kid were those involving who could hold their breath the longest underwater.  I've gone as long as three minutes. 
I assume this pool's sign was a response to too many kids staging fake drownings. As a kid I did many stupid things but not that.

At them moment we are visiting a gated community south of Santa Cruz, Ca.   The first thing you see when approaching the pool is this sign that tells you, "If you've got the runs, run away!".

 This'n told me, "This is it. Now turn around and walk back up until you reach those tiny trees you see in the distance." 
 Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Good eats on Route 66

 Sammy Slug, mascot for the USC-Santa Cruz athletic teams. He is a bright yellow Banana Slug which is  common in Northern California.

 Burning Man, my home for a week last year.  
   I'll be there again at the end of next month.

 Death Valley weather forecast

Women's March at Trump's Inauguration, Jan. '17.
We're on Day 203 now.  How many more can our country endure?


  1. If driving on Pacific Coast Hwy, look for the tsunami warning signs...

    Rick I

    1. Oh yeah, we've seen them but no tsunamis, yet. THe whales, they splash a lot.