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Saturday, April 1, 2017


  Neighbors were dismayed this week to see a "for sale" sign pop up in front of Charlie Cinnimon's historic cottage. The Grove legend lived there for over fifty years until he passed last November.  
  Charlie's place was built in 1919 in the South Grove at the corner of Plaza Street and Palmetto Avenue.  Between it and Plaza is patch of wild trees which we affectionately call, "Charlie's Woods". How many wooded areas remain in our village, three? The Barnacle's native forest comes to mind.
    It, like the intersection's other 3 corners, is public land, set aside ninety years ago for all of us to enjoy.

   Since Charlie died a number of people expressed interest in preserving his home. It sits on one of two lots, next to "the woods". When none of their suggestions turned into an acceptable offer, Charlie's heirs put the house on the market. The two lots are assesses at $900K. The asking price is $1.6M. No one is going to pay either to live in a 900 sf cottage.

    So what will become of this calming piece of our past? Our biggest fear is that one of the big box developers currently ruining the Grove will try to replicate the cubic monstrosities that we see sprouting up. 
The latest ugly, white boxes, a half block from Charlie's place.
   It's the last thing Charlie would want. When the property is sold we must stand up for Charlie and village that we love. We will fight any big box developers and their greedy plans. We may not be able to save to cottage but we can demand that something appropriate replaces the simple structure that sheltered our friend next to Charlie's Woods.  

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