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Monday, April 24, 2017


      It's a good deal, trading Miami's constant sun for a few frigid days in Maine. I am visiting my Coconut Grove friend, Paul Naron, in Belfast. It's a coastal town, set on the north end of Penobscot Bay.  It was once the "chicken capital of the world".

   The birds moved south to Maryland and now
tourism seems to be the main industry.

     Paul (the former owner of Shell Lumber) has retail in his blood.  He bought a huge building and is slowly turning it into an indoor farmers market. Check out "The Bayview Room", a great place to knosh on a lobsta' roll.
                                You are invited to the market's opening on Saturday, May 27th. Simply drive north on South Dixie Highway/US1 for thirty hours.           Bring a jacket. A few flowers are pushing up but it's still very cold. It snowed in Bangor- about an hour north- two days ago.
     I might go there, pack some in my suitcase, and bring it home tomorrow. We could use a little more Maine in Miami.       

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