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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


    Sunday's art show is what  every community should have, small events that get us out of the house, places to enjoy our friends, music, and the sun peeking through the oaks. Yes, there was a good bit of art on Gifford Lane too but that's what it took to make it happen.
                                          Uta with egg carton

My softball buddy, Hank, wore his 21-year old KMStrut t-shirt.  It praised the City of Miami 's 1996 Telethon, "Give So Others Can Take".  Note: I am pointing at the shirt (not giving it "the finger".

     It's the Grove's greatest party filled with creativity and color. And the cucumber punch?  Thirty-five bottles of gin were drained in four hours. Few drank too much and the proceeds went to charity.
I sold six fish, some Mango Republic t-shirts, and Dave Villano actually walked away with that crazy cat sculpture. 


I retired last June and miss my 


The beautiful Toledo sisters      former students.  Some came to visit and it was a joy to see them again.
  Maanas Daswani will be my primary care physician someday

  The five-hour festival made thousands of people happy in Coconut Grove last Sunday. We need 
more creative, non-commercial, punch-filled events like this. Life is too dull without them.

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