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Friday, March 3, 2017


     People talk about "The Old Grove" and how great it used to be here. They refer to the slow-paced village of the past where people paid more attention to each other than they do to their cell phones now. 
   There were many more artists in Coconut Grove then. Some would painting plein-air in the shade of ancient oaks that Grove developers now cut down daily
    You can find this  magic again on Sunday. It  happens once a year on an oak-shaded block in the Center Grove.  It's the Gifford Lane Art Stroll and it will take place on March 5th (Sunday) from noon to five p.m.
    Why not come and see what all the fuss is about?
    There will be sixty artist selling their wares plus four live bands, and some serious hula-hooping. This is the 19th year for one of the Grove's best kept secrets.  I've been in the show since '2002

   This time I'll be selling my usual fish,

Tattooed Wahoo

 Uta gave me a gourd six months ago and said, "This seems right up your ally".

and this amazing new sculpture, "The Screaming Skeletal Cat From Hell".  He screams, chatters his jaws nervously and everyone spending $25 or more (for the cat and anything else) will get a free beer. 

    I will also draw portraits badly for anyone who will fork over a dollar.  Sharpee tattoos? $2.  Four designs, no waiting (unless I happen to be drawing on someone else's arm when you ask).

    You probably know that I left the country after November's election.  I now reside in The Mango Republic. It's leader is a mango (not a bozo) and at Sunday's stroll I will be selling my new nation's t-shirts. 

      Francesca will be there too selling her scrumptious banana bread. Sales benefit St. Albans Day Care Center.  

    It's all good fun and I hope you can join us as we party in the Old Grove on Gifford Lane this Sunday afternoon. We'll be in booth #1 across from the tennis courts.
Location:  Gifford Lane is just east of SW 32 Ave. and parallel to it (running north and south).  It is two blocks north of Grand Ave.
Ride a bike, walk, or park where ever you can.


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  2. I never had time to visit anyone else's art. Wish I knew more about that cat. Looks interesting