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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


   The Fourth of July was amazing, I got to march in my first Doo Dah Parade in Columbus, Ohio. This is the crazy event the King Mango Strut folks had helped start 33 years ago.

   Lacking a beard, I could not join the "Marching Fidels".

 The topless jousters already had people to pedal them and

the zombies were too weird (even for me).

 Many people just did their own thing like Wheel Man, Three-legged Guy,

  Captain Columbus,

 and Majorette Boy.

  I decided to follow my own instincts and, my green thumb. I would sell peas.
  My sister, Joan, had given me a hat and I painted it appropriately. 

In July Fourth's Doo Dah I marched a mile encouraging thousands of fans to eat more peas.

I told anyone who would listen, "They are delicious, better than candy!".   Many seemed to know that already. Several gave me handfuls adding cheerfully, "I picked them this morning!"  They were delicious.
   Others sang the Beatles song, "All we are saying..."   

   I ended up trailing a group of prancing politicos 
who called themselves "The Dance Party". They blared soul music and got everyone, including me, dancing in the streets.
    Everyone had a blast. The Doo Dah was a lot like the Grove's King Mango Strut parade but the participants were much younger and much more organized.  This was their 33d year and it seems their celebration of independence will continue for a long time. 



  I read in the Chicago Tribune that a local woman, Rachel Hoover, is miffed because her drivers license was cancelled.  Seems she insisted that her photo be taken while wearing a spaghetti strainer on her head.  She said it for religious reasons but state officials didn't buy it.  

Rachel needs to move to Columbus, Ohio. People there will take her seriously.

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