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Saturday, March 5, 2016


    Thrift shop paintings have stories to tell. They're often created by people who have more vision than talent. A popular museum near Boston  (The Museum of Bad Art or "MOBA") is devoted to them.
     I enjoy tinkering with these cast offs. Every year I purchase a few and paint in one of my favorite characters, King Mango. 

Here he is joining a beach crowd (like Ted Cruz, he's on the far right).



  On this'n he's floating down a river in Sri Lanka.


    Come by my booth tomorrow (Sunday, noon to five) at the Gifford Lane Art Stroll, and you can see the entire collection.

     My modified paintings will be hanging on a fence on the south end of the show.

I will have a few others as well like,

and this group portrait.
We hope to see you Sunday.
            (For more information on the art show
see the second blog entry below)

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