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Saturday, March 26, 2016


Hurricane Hugo tore this place apart in 1989. The island was whooped by 200 m.p.h. winds for five hours. Twenty-seven years later there are still many broken buildings.  Maybe this one deserved the pummeling, a former slave market.

A cock struts in front of the old customs house

A Palm Sunday church decoration
Calabash gourd

Cane Beach    "The Wall" , 200 feet offshore, drops suddenly from 12 feet to 1200.

Layla with her faux Rasta man, Chicago Dave,  Cane Beach
Some banyans are eating this buildings

Native Alexander Hamilton once slept here.

The boardwalk tarpon admire my wife almost as much as I do.

                     Sunset jazz concert, Christiansted Harbor

Above is Columbus Landing at the entry to the Salt River.  On his second voyage to the New World (1493) he tried to come ashore here.  Columbus and his men were met with a hail of arrows from the natives he wanted to enslave. He later returned with a full army and killed everyone.

In Miami unfinished houses sit unloved for years.  Here, people just move into the part that's dry.

Farmer's Market, Christiansted. Why can't the Grove have a permanent market?  This place was great.  We bought real food from real farmers and fishermen.

                                                                                   Walking  the labyrinth,
Mt. Washington Meditation Garden

 Bayfront Park, Fredricksted.  If they can see the water, why can't the folks in Coconut Grove?

Sugar plantation tower (and adjacent ruins) two blocks from our place on Green Cay. Two hundred of these former windmills crown the hills here.
    The blades atop were left to rot after slavery was abolished in 1803. 
A little splashing before our departure.                                                        Happy Easter.

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