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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


         Francesca and I went rowing along Coconut Grove's shoreline last weekend. It is littered thousands of pieces of plastic. As we continue to toss the world's garbage into the sea, our oceans are becoming "plastic soup".
    We saw something new in Peacock Park last Saturday, a festival that was good for the planet and Coconut Grove.  It was fun, friendly, and even had a noble purpose, saving our oceans. 
Unlike the last fall's Peacock events it did not churn the park's grass into mud.  It took place just west of the new grass field.
      The Save Our Oceans event  was sponsored by the Netherlands. Dutch representatives came here to help us become more aware of the proliferation of plastic that is slowly destroying our seas.

 There were booths promoting environmental awareness, recycling and good reasons to visit Holland (cheese, cookies, beer). 

Some kids worked at creating the world's 
longest plastic bag rope 

while others played skittles (a Dutch game) 

or enjoyed sliding down an inflatable shark. 

  It wasn't perfect. After the Dutch ambassador gave a short speech a DJ made the gathering almost unbearable with his loud music. When did causing ear pain become public art?

  But mostly it was a  fun, free, and non-commercial.  The low-impact event even pushed good cause, one that all of us should be supporting.
  Hooray for Holland and Coconut Grove.  It was great to see someone putting a small, simple event that was matched out village's size and charm.

   Afterwards we escaped to the Everglades to see the full moon rise.
       Thankfully, the people there aren't throwing their trash into the water.
                  _______________________ TICKETS FOR LEGOS

      A BMW is parked in front of the Perez Art Museum. It allows you to get (nearly) free admission.  It is an art piece by Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei. He is collecting Lego blocks to make Lego portraits of human rights activisits.
   Denmark's Lego, Inc.  has refused to sell him their product because of the art works that could result. Weiwei has been critical of the immigration policies of Denmark (as well as other countries).   
    To get the Legos he needs, Weiwei has set up donation sites throughout the world like the one we now have at the Perez. If you show the Perez admission desk a few of them -and promise to toss them through the car's open sunroof- you will get in for free.

                                                 Francesca tosses her Legos


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