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Saturday, January 9, 2016


    Anyone who has spent time with children has heard a lot of weird questions. In 1993 I went to Europe with my seven-year-old son, Dylan. As we backpacked through England, France, and Holland he asked many.
   I wrote down some of of them in a diary I had not seen for twenty years. Dylan found it recently and passed it along.  Here are a few samples,
   Dad, which one would you want to be stung by, a bee, a wasp, or a hornet?


No stings for me, thanks. In Haarlem we bought a used Dutch bike, no questions asked. I rode it to yoga this morning.

Would you like to be shot in the leg with a mini-ball or in the arm with a bullet? 
         Would you like to live in a hot shower? (Asked while enjoying one after a long, wet, hike) 

What's your favorite cereal character, Snap, Crackle, or Pop?  (In the diary I noted that I went for "Snap" while he chose Pop).    
                                                                Dylan displays the switch-blade comb that he had to have.
   What do you think Jesus' body looked like after he was crucified and entombed?  (in the diary I described how my son then laid down on the sidewalk in Chedder, England, suggesting different tangled positions)

A few hours after this photo was taken in Bath, England, we retired to our room at the local youth hostel. I was reading in the lower bunk when I saw the blur of a son falling from the top bunk.  He survived to ask more questions.



Did Jesus wear underwear?

(He asked the next one after we purchased and lit prayer candles in the Notre Dame Cathedral)   If God doesn't answer our prayers can we get our money back?


    After we find The Holy Grail (digging at England's Glastonbury Tor) how much can we sell it for?
 Running down Glastonbury Tor.

 (And on the flight home,)
 If our plane crashes into the ocean and the emergency slides pop out, which emergency slide will be the most fun to ride?

  Note:  As a teacher of young children, I still get great questions like,  "Who'd win a fight between Batman and Superman?",  "Are rice and maggot eggs the same thing?"  and the annual,  "Santa Claus is real, right?"
    My oh my I love kid questions and yes, there is a Santa Claus.

Twenty three years later. well past the weird question stage.

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