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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stop By the Art Show on Sunday

        A Colorado friend asked what I'll be showing at Sunday's Gifford Lane art show.  Here's a sample, I put a few things on the blog two days ago (the entry below) and I've added more to this'n.
     Francesca and I will be manning booth #1. It's on a corner just across from the tennis courts.
The little festival is a lot of fun and we hope to see you there (noon to 5 pm).  There's lots of interesting things to see under the shading oaks along with live music,  food, and free cucumber punch!

    This year I made many milk jug masks, the usual fish, and a few paintings. 
     Here are some of the art works you'll find on our corner...


Many masks made from plastic containers.  Here are the Elephant and Pelican. They can be worn. The others below are wall-mounted.


     A dozen palm tree fish.  These two are nearly 6-feet long.


I've done some painting.  I enjoy these wild abstracts.  They add excitement to a drab wall.

    Each of them is 4' x 2'

I made several driftwood frames and added prints like this one,


And finally, "Sailing Buddies", 12"x18" on wood.

Gifford Lane is one block east of SW 32 Ave and two blocks north of the Grove's main thoroughfare, Grand Ave.  Walk, ride a bike and if you drive, park where you can. There is are lots on the south side of Grand a block east of 32nd and at Oak and Mary St.
   We hope to see you manana. Let's hope for good weather and gathering of good friends.

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  1. Wow!! These art paintings are just amazing. How beautiful are they made!! I am really fascinating to buy one of them. Well, do you have any information about events in New York? Please send me all the details.