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Thursday, February 26, 2015


    In a span of two weeks Coconut Grove has two very different art festivals, the gigantic Coconut Grove Art Festival and the wonderfully diminutive Gifford Lane Art Stroll.

    The Big One blew through here 11 days ago.  Prior to its official opening on Friday there is always a V.I.P. preview.  In many ways, the preview is the fair because that's when wealthy buyers have the festival to themselves, the chance to snap 
up the best stuff.
 New Buicks for sale        After that, the Grove show becomes a pop-up museum where regular folks to pay 15 bucks to see the art that they can't afford (Did you buy anything there last week?).
We went early to avoid being herded like cattle.  

     The smaller Gifford Lane show will dazzle again on Sunday, March 1, from noon to five. 
It is free and much more fun than being on the Big One's cattle drive. Gifford Lane has another outstanding quality, people who don't run hedge funds can afford the art.
   Let's do a quick comparison,

At the Grove Festival you could have bought this  chromium dog for $2500.

 At the Gifford Lane Festival on Sunday you can purchase this outstanding red pig for $25.  

Goodness, that's a 99% savings!

Eleven days ago you could have bought this mask for $2200. 

At the Grove show I'll sell you this'n for $22. 

And the bargains don't stop,

At the Megafest we met a lovely jeweler who was offering this black pipe thing for $500.

On Sunday you can score a designer shark tooth necklace for five smackaroos.

  Is sculpture your thing?  We saw this fine figure last week for $1400.  

This gal will go at the Art Stroll for a mere $14.

Like paintings?  I saw this field on fire  ($1800) at the Giganto Show.  

You could  buy at least a dozen original paintings on Gifford Lane with all that cash.  No one needs this much art but you could give ten of them to friends next Christmas.

"Someday" from my re-directed thrift shop paintings series.  30" x 18".  $35 

"Dang!" 48" x 48"  $120.

The Too Big Festival was selling its ugly t-shirts
(and ugly posters) for $25.  

On Sunday you can wear a smiling mango for $15. 

You catch my drift. 

Even if you're house is too stuffed for more art come to Sunday's the show. 

                                  Two of the Grove Guy's Palm Tree Fish

You'll enjoy the food, music, and seeing your friends. The weather is going to be perfect and you'll go home saying, "I had a great time". 

Gifford Lane is in the center Grove, one block east of SW 37 Ave. and two blocks north of Grand Ave.  

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