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Friday, January 23, 2015


   It's such a hoot to howl under the stars with passel of friends.  We did just that last weekend when 35 of us went camping. 

    Young girls were in abundance as one of them was having a birthday.

We got things started by hiking to Biscayne Bay.  

The setting sun was magnificent and


Mai was nice enough to photograph us.

  As the sky dimmed we retreated to camp for dinner.

When one of the birthday girls got a splinter Dr. Phil was there to operate. 

At the stroke of nine we set Bruce 
(a Christmas tree) on fire.

At dawn we were greeted by the sun, hot coffee, and a wide selection of delicacies.  Croissants with Nutella is always a big favorite.

Dave demonstrated how to mix hula hooping with tree climbing

and a trio of birthday girls took over our van.

All kinds of good things happen when you go camping with friends.

The great thing is anyone can do it. Just reserve a group camping spot and tell your buddies to meet you there.  Gather 'round the fire and soon the jokes, stories, and songs will rise like sparks from a flame.



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