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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


    We have our own Ansel Adams in Coconut Grove.  Renown photographer, Clyde Butcher, now has a gallery here.                      "Silver Springs" by Clyde Butcher

   Its official opening was tonight and we stopped by.
  The Clyde Butcher Everglades Gallery is located at 2994 McFarlane Road, a golf shot from Biscayne Bay.

Clyde was there to greet everyone...along with

the gallery's director, Natasha Lopez De Victoria
(here with boyfriend, Grove wood craftsman, Giles Neale),

Raymond Jungles and his wife, Gina, who moved back to the Grove last November,
The Palmetto Avenue Ukulele Society,

And our new friend, Jordan, who had a 'stache that rivaled Clyde's photographs.

      Having someone as talented at Clyde Butcher exhibiting in the Grove is quite an achievement.  It's enough to make most of us put down our cell phones.

   Stop by.  Enjoy Clyde's Florida photos  and take one home for your living room.


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