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Thursday, October 2, 2014



  We've been facinated by Miami artists, Edwin Villasmil and Elba Martinez, since seeing their 2008 series,
 "The Thoughts and Dreams of Marjory Stoneman Douglas".  

Their bold, black and white patterns are mesmerizing.
      The couple's latest production, "The Imanginary Beings" is now being exhibited at the main library downtown.  You can even go there on Saturday and create your own imaginary being at a free workshop.
  Let Ed and Elba show you how.



      The Grove-based Alhambra Orchestra will be performing on Sunday, October 5, in the Ransom Auditorium,  3575 Main Highway. 
          The program, which begins at 7:30 pm, is called "Discovering America".  Works by our own country's composers (Copeland, Bernstein, etc.) will be featured.   
     These concerts are free and a lot of fun.  If classical music isn't your thing go anyway.  With the seats are comfortable, the lights low and the music soothing,  you might get some much needed rest.                                                  

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