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Sunday, October 19, 2014



     A Coconut Grove waterfront estate just went on the market for $65 million.  Francesca and I purchased a piece of South Florida shoreline yesterday for forty bucks.  We only "owned" our campsite on Long Key for twenty-four hours but its all I needed to conduct my camper survey.
     It became obvious that temporary beach dwellers fell into two groups, the "haves" and the "have nots".
    Paradoxically, the "have-nots" had the most money.  They use it to buy huge motor homes which they rarely came out of.   At night the faint glow of television light danced against their drawn curtains.  The big boxes' air conditioners hummed all night blocking a cool, romantic ocean breeze. 
The "haves" pitched tents, were brushed by the wind and watched a brilliant Milky Way drifting through a moonless sky.

My wife and I were somewhere in between. We bunked in our camper van.


  cooked over a fire, 

fell asleep listening to breaking waves,
and woke up to the greatest show on earth,


                                          Sometimes less is more.




Seen while passing thorough Homestead Florida this afternoon,

Scooter Gypsy managed to transport a bedroll, knapsack, groceries, a large dog cage (with dog), two cat cages (similarly occupied) and a guitar.

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  1. Just starting our '06 Sienna conversion. Thanks for your help. I ordered a book about it. Won't start until I read the book. It would be good to know how to attach things, shelves, table to the walls.