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Thursday, March 13, 2014


     I'm an art teacher.  I keep hundreds of objects in my room for students to draw, from Pee Wee Herman dolls to this purple pirate pistol.  
 The toy pistol had to come home after a parent complained.
Now, the Florida legislature wants me to bring a real gun to school.
  The NRA puppets that run our state's lawmaking body have a plan to allow people like me to pack heat.  It is opposed by everyone in education, the state's school boards, the teacher unions, PTAs, and the police officers who protect our schools.
    For starters, we are trained to be teachers, not security guards.   
    I have worked at schools where kids can -and will- steal anything.   I have had art fee money stolen from my desk two minutes after collecting it  (like magicians, they distracted me.  I learned this when I make a secret video do see how they did it).  Like magic, the teachers guns will disappear as well. 

   Stating the obvious, it is a horrible idea.  We need to reduce the number of weapons in our country and continue to keep them out of schools.
      Still, the gun nuts press on.  Let's hope sanity prevails and I do not have to see Mrs. Bloodworth with a Beretta hanging from her hip.

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