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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


       It was a puppet show like no other, last night's "War Horse" (playing at the Arsht Center through Sunday, March 9th).  
  The play's star, "Joey", is a beautiful stallion forced to join the horrors of WW I.   His "costume" is occupied by three busy people.  Show Photos - War Horse - tourThey're easy to see but soon forgotten as Joey and his pals steal the show.

         War Horse is as "spellbinding" as reviews say.  It has you believing large animals are acting on stage. Show Photos - War Horse - Jude Sandy - Prentice Onayemi After the initial setup the spare set is soon overrun by galloping cavalrymen and even -at one scary moment- a huge, menacing tank.   Witness the magic yourself, .


  It seemed like everyone was having a good time at Sunday's art show on Gifford Lane.  Francesca and I manned our corner booth chatting with friends and making new ones.   A few people actually bought my creations.

But the main thing was the party, thousands of people gathering under the oaks to have enjoy the show.  The Grove could use more of these outstanding social occasions.


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