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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Ya gotta love Paula Deen.  Sure, the food celeb's recipes have induced thousands of heart attacks but oh, that smile!  She continued to push triple-patty peanut butter burgers for years after she learned she was diabetic but who can not love her "How y'all doin?" personality?

Last year Paula Inc. took a new direction.  Ms. Deen admitted that her recipes were slowly killing us and urged her fans to eat healthier and eat less.   Her new books and TV series show us how to do this but there's an easier way.
Paula was interviewed by the Miami Herald when she visited South Florida last week. 
She says she still eats fattening food but only half of what's on her plate.  How does she pass on the remainder?  Ms. Deen confided in the article, "I spit on it". 
If that doesn't work she pours black pepper on what's left.

 Let's hope her leftovers don't make it to food banks.

 Chicago's Fountain of Spit

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