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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


   Last weekend, we saw a peacock parade on our garden wall.  

Afterwards, went over to the University of Miami where a U.S. Congressman meditating.   Tim Ryan of Ohio gave a speech about how "mindfulness" had changed his life. He's hoping the rest of us will join in. 
  At one point he had all of us meditating, focusing on our breathing.  It was a  
 l  o  n  g   two minutes.  After his talk we hung out with him a bit.  Tim was thoughtful, funny, and articulate.  Too bad there aren't more like him in Washington.

    On Sunday after church, I was telling two older women about last month's trip to the inauguration.  Virginia McNaughton asked, "Did you see my foster son?  He was there too". 
   When I raised my eyebrows she added that her boy was Rev. Luis Leon,  the President's minister and that  had given the inaugural benediction.  
"Yes" I added, "We saw him and he was great!"
   In 1961, as a twelve-year-old, Rev. Leon left his family and Cuba in "Operation Pedro Pan".  Ms. McNaughton and her huband took in the "precious skinny boy" until he could be reunited with his family.  Now the former Miamian heads St. John's Episcopal Church, a few blocks from the White House. It is known as "The Church of the Presidents".
On Sunday afternoon, we went to the grocery store.  As I doing my usual grousing about the parked police cars and fire trucks ("Why do they food shop on our dime?") we noticed something strange. 
   The Coral Gables cop car had a huge front bumper extension.  Francesca asked, "Is that for ramming cars?"  As I assured her that cops aren't allowed to do stuff like that anymore,  a police officer approached.  

I asked him about the bumper thing, "Is that for pushing cars out of the road?".  He smiled and said, "We use it to chase cars.  If you snag the corner just right you can make them spin out!".  
So much for the wisdom of Glenn.

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