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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Have you tried to get an Obama bumper sticker?  They're as rare as hen's teeth.
    I knew this when I walked into the President's Little Havana campaign office last week to turn in the money we'd made at our burning mango presidential fundraiser.   

I waved a wad of cash in the air and asked, "Can anyone sell me a bumper sticker for a thousand dollars?".  The office manager looked at me sheepishly and said, "Will a yard sign do?"

   Two friends ordered "OBAMA!" bumper stickers by mail but never received them.  When one of them asked, "Can you help?  My car feels naked",  I went into action.
I am painting Obama bumper stickers on paper. They can be attached inside or out with Scotch tape.  Mine went through yesterday's rain storm and it still looks pretty good.  

Cars need not be naked now.  You can get  stickers from me for free.

(Note:  The President is speaking at 3 pm manana, on the UM campus.  As of last night, there were still some free tickets available at the Bank Atlantic Center's box office).

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