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Sunday, October 28, 2012


  The King Mango Strutters marched through Coconut Grove today to rally support for President Obama.  

The Mangoheads were joined by West Grove citizenry and campaign workers as they waltzed up Grand Avenue shouting "Four More Years!", "Do the Mangobama!" and "Save Big Bird".

 The 2012 parade Grand Marshall was Wonder Woman and the Token Celebrity, actor Hill Harper 
( CSI New York). 


About 100 people (including Aquaman and  the rare member of "The 1% for Obama") joined the procession to promote the President's re-election and the first day of early voting in Miami.  It ended a mile later at City Hall where hundreds were already standing in line to cast their ballots.
   As our parade eased to a stop a trio of West Grovers did a soulful rendition of "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Vote".  I added a few words and Francesca beat a drum.
    Then two of us then joined the long line of voters and baked in a solar oven (high noon in Miami) for two hours.  Nearly delirious from the heat, we were finally were allowed to stumble into a small room crammed with voting booths and frustrated people. 

 The poll manager told me, "It's a little crazy.  There's never been a ballot this long".  The nine-pager took 15 minutes to fill out (and that was with speed-reading).  Many took longer.  What is it about Florida that makes it so hard to vote?
  We wondered why did Romney's name came before Obama's.  Was it Governor Scott's version of alphabetical order?  There were no chads to hang this time. Instead, we blackened in little ovals after, what seemed like, reading The U.S. Constitution ten times.   Hopefully, the big  machines that finally swallowed our ballots will remember us.
    As we were leaving a young oriental couple walked by.  The man asked in a British accent, "Why are those people waiting in line?"  I told them we were choosing our president.  The man said, "We are from China and we would never be allowed to do such a thing".  
    Hearing that made us feel better about the long wait.
Early voting will continue in Miami until November 3d.  After today, the lines will shorter and the weather, cooler.  

(Friends voted at City Hall on Sunday Oct. 28th.  The weather was cool and the line, five minutes long.  Vote Early)

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